About - Musicaldx
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About Musicaldx

Musicaldx started with the aim of helping musicians of all abilities to find out their perfect musical instrument, and all the gears that go with it.

Choosing a musical instrument is a tricky thing. A wrong instrument can discourage someone from playing and learning. It is an obvious thing going with the right instrument would help a musician learn faster and enjoy playing more regularly.


That’s why we do have experts try the test and reviews the most popular musical instrument on the market and reveal what is right and what is not good with the instrument.

Muscialdx is a musical instrument focused website that’s brimming with all the information you need to help you find something that you love.

We also write about buyers’ guidelines to help make the shopping experience a little easier. At the same time, there are several sections dedicated to making you a better musician through easy follow theory lessons, tips, and pieces of advice.

We wish you all the best for your musical journey and hope that we can help you out finding you the perfect musical instrument.